At Work (v1)

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Lisa hard at work on PET

Jiro working on cell experiments

Jay working in the hot cell with manipulators

View of Jay from inside the hot cell

Craig checking in on labbies

Charles and Suzanne doing ex vivo work

Hua and Jay sharing the hood

Don’t forget shoe covers on the way into the vivarium

Xiaowen at his desk

Charles back in his grad student days

Hua, Jay, Lisa and Kate in Montreal ’09

IEEE Toronto 2007

SMI San Francisco 2003

Another Group Shot in San Juan

Paul at work (not watching a 3D movie)

Paul in the Machine Shop

Heather and Kate and lab renovations

Lisa and Julie stopping for a picture

Kate at her desk before the twins were born

Lisa, Juliana, and Julie having a cookie break in the office

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