Even, Lisa

mahakianLisa Even received her B.S. in Animal Science with focus on companion animals from the University of California, Davis in 2003 and has worked as a veterinary technician for 8 years . In 2008, Lisa received her M.S. in Comparative pathology from UC Davis where her work included developing an immunohistochemical test for Cardiac Troponin C in horses and studying myocardial necrosis caused by the highly toxic oleander plant. Lisa also spent an extra year in graduate school working with Shriners Hospital for Children in Sacramento in the field of neurology focusing on culturing and differentiating human embryonic stem cells to oligodendrocytes. Post- graduate school, Lisa worked with The Jackson Laboratory West as an in vivo technologist performing a broad range of pre-clinical studies for various pharmaceutical companies. She joined the Ferrara laboratory in 2009 working as an SRAIV and serving as the lab’s manager of in vivo studies. lmmahakian@ucdavis.edu

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