Kheirolomoom, Azi

kheirolomoomAzi Kheirolomoom received a B.S. in chemical Engineering from Sharif University of Tech. (Tehran-Iran) and M.S. & Ph. D. degrees in Chemical/Biochemical Engineering from Kyoto University (Kyoto-Japan) in 1984, 1988, and 1992, respectively. Her PhD work was focused on membrane-bound enzymes, their reconstitution in lipid bilayer of liposomes, and their productivity in bioreactors after immobilization. In 1992 she joined CIBA-GEIGY (Japan) as a post-doctoral research fellow and worked on kinetic studies of plant histidinol dehydrogenase to design a novel herbicide. In 1994 as an Alexander von Humboldt fellow she joined Jülich Research Center in Jülich, Germany to clarify the kinetics of mitochondrial Phosphate carrier. She became a faculty member of Graduate School of Chemical Engineering, Sharif University of Tech. in 1995. In Ferrara lab her interest is targeted drug delivery and she is currently investigating the efficacy of cholesterol as a drug/gene-delivery component.

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